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Welcome to the home of SecureICQ!

SecureICQ is a chat program similar to ICQ. It uses a higher encryption than ICQ and is easier to handle with.

SecureICQ is a stand-alone system: It does not rely on the ICQ servers nor on the ICQ protocol.

It will work with Windows 95 / 98 / Me / 2000 and XP. You will also find a client for a system operating with Linux.

It is a open source project, based on the GPL (General Public License). This means, you may feel free to dowload the source code of SecureICQ and use it for your own, as long as you respect the GPL License.


You will find a more detailed description in the “about SecureICQ” area.
The download button will bring you to the project page, where you will find the version of SecureICQ you need.
Have a look on our links, they might be usefull for you.

Have a lot of fun,
the SecureICQ Development Team